Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ethical Principles

I find the examples we discussed in class to be very interesting. It is hard to imagine that human beings can be degraded to such meaningless words. I learned that when you commit unethical acts, it only becomes a matter of time before those acts are uncovered and those responsible are held accountable. As I prepare for the workforce, my ethical principle will always be to do what is right. Even if something is not technically against the law, I will always do the right thing because that is how I was raised and that it was I believe.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


As a manager, I deal with miscommunication issues on almost a daily basis.
I would have to say the most severe case of miscommunication occurred when an employee called out of work due to the death of his grandfather. Rationally, I would think the employee would miss the following days he was scheduled to be with his family yet the following days he said he would not be in to work, he showed up only to lounge around.
As a manager, I questioned why he would call out of work, leave the crew shorthanded, and then show at work the very nights he said he would not come in. I communicated my viewpoint to my boss who in turn told the employee what I said (or rather what I did not say) and caused him to get very upset.
Instead of giving me the chance to tell the employee how I felt about the situation, she took it upon herself to tell him her own version. I know how delicate of a situation death came be so I understood the rage and anger he expressed when he found out. Once the employee calmed down, I took him to a quiet corner and we discussed the issue. I told him to tell me exactly how he felt and I told him exactly how I felt. Once we were able to see the situation from each other's point of view, we both came to an understanding and even laughed when it was all over.

I think this situation could have been prevented if we were able to have the discussion without others interfering.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Presentations and Portfolios

Of the last group of presentations, I liked Jeremy's presentation about tattoos the best. I thought it was pretty interesting that he has so many tattoos already. I choose this presentation as my favorite because by having multiple tattoos, Jeremy was able to show the importance of researching a tattoo before putting it on your body. Drawing from his own experience caused me, as a member of the audience, to pay close attention to his other tips.

I have never really done an online portfolio but I think it would be a a great presentation of my work. I'm sure this portfolio assignment will assist me as I complete my Clemson portfolio. I don't have any questions about the portfolio at this time.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Class Presentations

The three presentations that I enjoyed the most where Sailing by Austin, Tips for Surviving a Large Family by Kelly and Coffee Options by Alyssa.
Austin's presentation was enjoyable because you could tell he really cared about the sport and that translated throughout the presentation. I learned about the different classifications of sailing and the different boats used in sailing. Austin was an effective presenter because he commanded your attention in the way he spoke.
Kelly's presentation was enjoyable because even though her topic was somewhat comical, you could still see that the tips where a necessity in her household. From the presentation, I gained insight on the proper way to place the blame. Kelly was an effective presenter because she spoke elegantly and maintained eye contact with the class.
Alyssa's presentation was enjoyable because she choice a topic that was relatively familiar to everyone but was able to incorporate the history behind the topic to maintain the class' interest. I learn how, when and where coffee originated. Alyssa was an effective presenter because she avoided a monotone and spoke enthusiastically. Alyssa's handout was also very effective because it can be used when purchasing coffee.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cover Letters

No, I do not agree with all the advice given on the site. Of all the advice given, I believe the worst tip is the postscript technique. I do not believe this technique should be used in any way in regards to the cover letter. Anything you have to say about yourself, work experience, etc should be addressed in the body of the letter or in the resume itself. The best tips involved doing a follow-up with the company. Doing a follow-up allows you to check the current status of the resume and allows you to prepare for the next step. When I compose my cover letter in the future, I will make sure I incorporate more of my personality within the cover letter while tying in my personal beliefs with company values.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Client Visit

The client visit with Mrs. Goree was somewhat informative due to the fact that we were able to hear what she represented and the purpose of the healthy campus initiative. As far as ideas for the project, I think it would be a really good idea to provide locally grown food in campus dining facilities; however, I believe in order to see the actual demand for the products we have to start with small selections in one centrally located facility. After some time has passed, we will be able to measure the success of the idea and determine whether or not the students want locally grown products.

My biggest concern in terms of providing locally grown food is that not enough students will demand the product or voice their opinions about their food choices. I believe the group is on the same page as far as making sure that the idea or final proposal is something that will quickly capture the attention of the students. I don't have any specific questions at this time, I just hope that the group will be able to develop a detailed proposal for the healthy campus initiative.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Interview Mistakes

I agree that those are the biggest mistakes that you can make in a job interview, especially not following up on the interview. Towards the end of the interview you should ask about what the next step should be so you can plan accordingly and after the meeting you should send a thank you card or email to show appreciation for the interview.

Yes I have had a job interview; I had to interview for my job at Taco Bell in May 2004. I had to put in an application and take a test. Based on those results, I was asked to come in for an interview. I had never been on an interview before so I was unsure of what to do or say. I wasn’t sure if I needed a resume to work in fast food but I decided to bring it anyway. The interview went pretty smoothly. I was somewhat nervous because I wanted to be honesty but I didn’t want to say anything that would cause me to not get the job. The hiring manager basically gave me an overview of the job and the store and in the end basically quizzed me on the information he presented. He proceeded to ask me about how I felt working there and if I was up for the challenge. At the end of the interview, I presented my resume and he seemed really impressed that I brought it along.

To be prepared for a job interview, a person should be themselves and know the company. I believe the key to getting a job is knowing the main aspects about the company you want to work for and tying your best characteristics to those of the job requirements.